What is the N7FL?

It's not the same old stop and go football. 7s is over one hour and it's fast.
High scoring:
Non-stop action with new rules that make it more entertaining, quick scoring and safer.
7 players against 7 players with no substitution; players go both ways: offense and defense. There is continuous action.
Night games:
Games played on Wednesday nights from August to Thanksgiving. The Super 7s Bowl to be played the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.
Game played outside on regulation field: 100 yards by 50 yards. No indoor limitations.
Huge pool of football talent available to fill the rosters of the original 12 pro teams.
Get Involved:
Now looking for players, coaches and referees.
Team and player alignment
Learn the basic plays of seven on seven football.
Sponsorship opportunities
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Investors Wanted
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