Benefit Highlights: Why the N7FL will Succeed

Fall Season: One of the reasons other football leagues have failed is that they chose to play in the Spring. The Fall is football season. There in no Wednesday night TV football.

Global Market: 7on 7 football with continuous action is culturally compatible with non-American spectators. This will attract an international fan base. Rugby, soccer, hockey and basketball are continuous action sports and  popular worldwide. This feature will allow the development  of local talent and therefore international teams. This will result in increased ticket sales, the building of a global TV audience and the sale of team merchandise. The NFL failed internationally because they could not develop local talent.

Exciting TV Product: 7 on 7 football will be a very attractive product for US TV. According to Nielson 33% of all  NFL viewers are women. 7on 7 football is faster, shorter and more exciting than the 11 man game. Women viewership will increase TV ratings. To better appreciate the excitement of continious action look at Rugby 7s: go to

New Rules: The 7 on 7 Football will incorporate rules to make the game safer. These new rules will create publicity. This will attract both fans for attendance and TV viewership

Profitable Business: Developing a domestic market first and then an internationally market will make the N7FL a profitable business; low cost of operations, global market for tickets and team merchandise and worldwide TV revenue share.

Olympics: In 25 years with 40 to 50 countries playing 7 on 7 Football, it may become  an Olympic Sport. After 92 years Rugby 7s Football will be played in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Rugby Football is the grandfather of American Football.