Growth Benefits

Scalable   Economical   Safer
Will provide continuous action to attract international fans.

Easy to scale and expand for a world football market.
  Play in smaller MLS stadiums to start.

Low-cost: All player salaries will be controlled by the NSFL
Fans get two games per night.
  • One for the TV audience.
  • The second for (the other 7 players) the in-stadium fans. To attract local fans team with high schools and colleges in area for curtain raiser games.
  Will be safer: Rules stress arm tackling – no head-to-head, spearing or block tackling.

No blocking below the waist.

Self policing: Players will be carded for violations.
  • 2nd time – penalty + yellow card – 1 min suspension.
  • 3rd time – penalty + red card – 2 min suspension.