Four basic steps:

  1. Capitalize the N7FL with an initial $21,000,000. The N7FL will immediately seek to (1) Obtain a TV Rights Contract  and (2) Sell 12 Team Operating Rights.
  2. Validate the concept of 7 on 7 Football as an entertaining spectator product primarily for TV. This will be achieved by playing two exhibition games. One will be broadcast on TV (time buy).
  3. Attract a TV Network Partner to purchase the TV Broadcast rights for the first two years @$20,000,000. In years three and four this increases to $40,000,000 per year as the N7FL expands to 16 Teams.
  4. Sell 12 Team Operating Rights for $6,000,000 each for $72,000,000 as capital for the N7FL. In year three add four teams  @ $10,000,000/team for an additional $40,000,000.